This is a great collection, but the origins and the exact meanings of some expressions need to be adjusted.

* Alë, garázh! -- lit. "Hello, (taxi) park (here)!" or "Hello, (taxi) depot (here)!", possibly an imitation of a rude phone receptionist. The simularity to the word citizen (grazhdanin) is accidental.

* v natúre -- this, and a few other expressions, are a part of the criminal argot ("fenya"), which is (in the perception of many people) separate from mainstream slang. "Fenya" is an old thieves language.

* Vásja Púpkin -- Vasiliy Pupkin was the name of author of an old and much-disliked school textbook. The name become a symbol of sloppy work and mediocrity.

* golubóy -- (lit. light blue) gay (male). Lesbians are associated with pink ("rozovuy").

* ljásy tochít' -- "ljasy", or "balyasiny" is a plural form of the word related to "balustrade". Literally - "to carve the pieces for the wooden staircase" - an easy job with long breaks for conversation.

* mat' -- is also a common short form of "tvoyu mat'" or even "eb tvoyu mat'", the last one is X-rated. Can be used as a direct insult, or as a general expression of frustration.

* Mne v lom -- "v lom" is related to the verb "lomat'" (to break), and the noun "lomka" (withdrawal symptoms, I think I have heard it used in the meaning "bad trip"). Metal scraps are also called "lom", becuase they are a part of something that was broken.

* naezzhát' (na kogo-libo) -- also means to intimidate and terrorize, usually with the the purpose of money extortion.

* narjádnyy -- this is a mainstream word. What is it doing in a slang dictionary?

* pédik -- in the current russian culture, it is derogatory.

* perdét' -- note before you use it: in the current culture, there is not a lot of tolerance for bathroom humor, or any references to it.

* Poékhali! -- Let's go! The words of Gagarin just before the launch.

* priyátel' -- this is a mainstream word.

* rasklád -- originally meant "the hand" in a card game.

* Tvoyú mat'! -- (lit. 'Your mom!') Goddammit! Sonofabitch! (not quite as bad as 'fucking shit!') In the complete form it means "(I) fuck(ed) your mom", and is bad.

* físhka -- also an imitation of the English word feature.

Update: two entries corrected due to nasreddin's remarks.