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*Looks around.* So, this is my home node? Boring, eh?

A little about myself: I'm nineteen years old and entering my freshman year at the University of Central Florida. I enjoy reading, writing (but don't let anyone see it!), and playing with neat gadgets.


E2 just isn't friendly to the weak. E2, as a community, demands quite a bit from its members and as a result gets more and better than asked for. E2 asks a lot, of everyone involved. The required level of craftsmanship is just overwhelming for the newest.

Finding out that your girlfriend has been reading your homenode isn't so bad. I'll be able to laugh when she's addicted.

I really like Everything. Everything's okay.

My bookmarks are just a few nodes that I wanted to read again (and again and again). I don't think any of them need a real explanation. Some have a sentence or two that I really enjoyed. Others are just good to read entirely.

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