Voters may want to read the other writeups before voting on this one.

The major problem with this is it assumes that the masculine of 'Whore' is 'Bastard'. This is, in my analysis at least, not correct.

In a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom, I interpret 'whore' as 'adept lovemaker'. That is, a girl who is good at pleasuring the man involved. That is what I feel I would desire.

'bastard', to me, has somewhat violent and unrefined connotations. It generates pictures of someone who drinks heavily and starts fights. In reality, I would expect most women would want an 'adept lovemaker', someone who is good at pleasuring them. What word would one use for this? I think 'Stud', but I can't say I'm that clear on the issue... anyone with any insight can /msg me.

Thus I would suggest a better statement would be 'gentleman in public and a stud in bed'. This sounds like a fairly reasonable desire on the part of women. You can't expect women to desire a 'gentleman in public and a scrawny inexperienced wimp in bed', can you?

In other words, I would think most women want someone kind, polite and considerate of others, and good in bed. Of course, I could be wrong. I'm not a woman. If I'm wrong, perhaps you'd like to writeup your thoughts? Thanks.