In order to create a pair of shoendals, one must first find a pair of lowtop shoes, new or old. Anything from Arizona Jean Co. to Airwalks will work. You will also need some sort of cutting device, like a pocketknife, or a boxcutter. Now there are many different ways to create a pair of shoendals, but I'm going to go by the design of Lincoln Southeast Highschool junior Carl Kacvinsky.

Step 1:
      The first step in creating your shoendals is to cut the toe of the shoe off, like you see on any normal pair of sandals. This allows the toes to breathe, and not accumulate an odor such as that of a particular trombone in Wind Ensemble.

Step 2:
      Step two in creating your shoendals is to cut the bridge of the shoe off, so that the bridge of the foot is visible. This creates the strap that will cross over the foot, just above your toes.

Step 3:
      Step three in creating your very own shoendals is to lace up the remaining laces in what is left of your shoes. The bottom laces will be tied seperately from the top laces, since you did remove the bridge of the shoe.

Finishing Up:
      Once you have completed all of the above, you will have in possesion, your very own pair of shoendals. Wear them with pride, and joy, just as Carl would have you. I have yet to think of any advice to give you, for the extensive harassment, and negative comments that will be directed toward your shoendals. Just try to ignore it!