A little experiment for all of you innovators of toasters out there. Here's what you do: Find a toaster, preferably one that your mom doesn't want anymore. Take it outside (WARNING! Only do this outside!). Plug the toaster into an extention cord and plug the extention cord inside. Then, force the handle of the toaster down, so that it stays down. I like to use duct tape to keep it down, since it's not really a good idea to stand near the toaster during the experiment. Then, place a pop tart in the toaster, stand back, and wait. I have found, in my experimentation, that the pop tart will begin to over cook. I have also found that pop tarts are flammable. Therefore, the results will be a 1-4 ft. flame coming out of the toaster. When you've had all the fun you can have with your pop tart flame thower, take some baking powder and sprinkle it on the flame to put it out. This is much better than using water. One thing I have found about this experiment; it kills the toaster, so you will have to find a new one if you ever want to repeat this experiment. Enjoy!