Tek-talk and other jargon bashing activities have never really been a mainstay of my online life.  I even went to the effort of enquiring how well technical issues are received. 

Given the love of E2 shown by it's users I would have thought the announcement of an ASP site plug-in being developed that gives a site soft links much like E2 but across domains sites even servers without much hassle would be good.

Forget stoicism and other BS for a moment; (XP stoicism we have no choice in so lets move on), why is it that if you post something too advanced for someone to fully understand you get flamed and insulted by softlinks that then spoil a perfectly good node?  OK so...

  • freedom of speech -YES
  • freedom of thought - YES
  • freedom of stupidity?
  • freedom of insulting time and resource wasting?

It's one thing to /msg someone and say "Huh?" & "what?" no one thinks you foolish when you do that.  But no not today instead we get a stacking list of Troll links from (one user I'd guess) someone who didn't understand the concept of websites, HTML, ASP or the like and so flamed it in a uniquely E2 way and thought himself (or herself) funny - twat!

So it's "uncool" to moan about E2 events.  Fine I can live with being uncool, but I can not suffer in silence while reprobates (who don't understand enough to know why they even get out of bed each day yet somehow manage to turn on a PC) of monolithic stupidity ruin what is possibly the best use of the World Wide Web yet.

I love E2 and perhaps I did just remove my right to feel superior by moaning but I don't need to feel it to know that I have been and always shall be better than the moronic fools who spoil this great site.