Hmm, 2 am... guess I can schlep on the daylog now.

So I haven't noded in almost three months. I can live with that, even though I kick myself daily. The sad thing is, I know that when I ask myself what inspires noding?, I realize that everything that's been happening these last few months is what makes for great nodes.

Where can I start? Well, for anyone who knows me well, or read the daylog on May 29, 2001 (and for some reason remembers it), I decided that my girlfriend was the one that I wanted. For now and forever. Done deal. I acquired the diamond. Went shopping for settings.

Then she dumped me. A month later. I never even got the setting.
(Note to the Nodeshell Rescue Team: she dumped me is in need of rescue! For that matter, so is The Nodeshell Rescue Team. Ironic.)

Yeah. She had an internship at the John Deere plant in Cedar Falls, Iowa. She was an engineer. So was he. They hit it off. He was more "mainstream" then me, liked Friends, that insipid TV show, and the Dave Matthews Band, which I consider some of the best music of the late 90's, mainly because everything else was crap. Worst thing was, she didn't even want to start a real relationship with this guy, just kind of date him for the summer then come back to me. Besides, she wasn't sure if I was really the one she wants to marry, and I knew that she needed to live life without me since we'd been dating since she was 17, and blah blah blah..

That stuff makes excellent node fodder, not to mention that my summer classes were interesting and I hadn't touched my Sanskrit grammar nodes. But you know how you get when a breakup like that happens.

I didn't want to just "hang around" while she did her fling, no matter how necessary it was; I have my pride. So we broke up and tried to be friends. Of course, we fell madly back together three weeks later, and decided to just do a seeing-other-people thing. She ended up dumping the other guy, and I had a few abortive relationships, but that's that. We're more or less back together now, patching things up, and it's working.

Again, more great node fodder. So many emotions! So many thoughts! Why haven't I been noding?!

Maybe it's the blitz of stuff I've been doing to get into grad schools, and possibly get a job at the NSA. I need recommendations, I have to get rid of my commie flag (the irony was over, anyhow), etc...

So why aren't I noding about that? I don't really know. Daylogs are damn therapeutic.

What the hell. I've just had enough caffeine to kill a horse. Time to get back to the swing of things.