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So, this is supposed to be the place to tell everyone everything about myself.....

Well sorry, it ain't gonna happen. I, like Pipeline and Stranger, am from Nebraska. I like beer, bourbon, rum, and most all forms of alcohol. Music:&. most all types, including Metallica, Megadeth, Bob Mould, Sugar, Husker Du, Urge Overkill, Richard Thompson, Replacements, etc. etc. etc.. Reading: sure, I can read, in fact, I read a lot, everything from biology texts to newsgroups. Right now I. am really into the works of Chaim Potok, Philip K. Dick, George Orwell, Joseph Conrad, Tom Stoppard, and Frank Herbert (Dune is the greatest Sci-Fi series of all).

Lately my plan involves comtemplating the existance of god and lif.e and death. Hey I'm a geek.