PSP Manga

The PSP was first announced amid a plethora of hype about the media it would play: movies, music, images, and comic/manga content. While music, movies and images began to proliferate the scene, fans scooped it all up as they anxiously awaited for the new genre of comics/manga as well. However, for the first seven months after the release of handheld from Sony, nothing cropped up to fill the gaps of the new genre. So fans took things into their own hands.

As of July 2005, NYC2123: Dayender, a graphic novel by Chad and Paco Allen swooped in to stun audiences around the world, and to instantaneously spaw home-spun translations. Created and optimized specifically for the PSP and its screen size, it has been downloaded over 15,000 times (as of this article).

Still other creators are hard at work to create more material for the PSP. ZIPPER, a comic/manga set in the far future tells the story of a mysterious woman with zippers built into her body, and her A.I. cyborg companion as they traverse the universe living off the money they make as AnyBodies.

The future of PSP content is secure in the hands of indie artists and creators who have the guts to take chances on a new technology and new medium.