Being a humble resident of Elmira, I would like to make a couple amendments to the above node:
Elmira has a FAR cry from 91,000 people. Maybe there's that many in all of Chemung county, but there are definitely not 91,000 people living in Elmira. Even in it's prime, before it was more or less demolished in a flood caused by Hurricane Agnes in 1972, there weren't 91,000 people. A large number of people have left the city itself and live in the surrounding areas.
The Civil War camp was sarcastically referred to as Hellmira, due to the large number of deaths at the camp from harsh weather conditions in the winter.
Tommy Hilfiger bought the largest house inside the city of Elmira, known as Strathmont, and is turning it into a museum for himself.
There is also a minor league baseball team in the area known as the Elmira Pioneers.