I had been lurking on e2 for the past 3-4 years. I had dialup internet access with expensive metering, and that too sporadically. e2 was my internet. I would connect, open a random node, and from there open a trail of nodes in separate windows till my computer (the old slouch, praise him!) could take it no more. Then I'd disconnect, and follow that trail with a hot cup of tea/coffee. Bliss, I tell you. No Pesky Ads, no 300k JPEG's, No irritating Flash Monkeys.

I had almost no internet access for the last 6 months or so (which is not as bad as it sounds. you get to /msg real people face to face). Anyways, a month ago I got an 24/7 ADSL connection. The first thing I did was register an email and then use it to get myself a e2 account. (Yes, I didn't (and soon, won't) have email. I also don't have a cell phone. I am Free). Something in me thought that finally the time had come for me to give back to the community

Now, when I say give back to the community, people think that I want to become a responsible noder producing thrice proof read informative nodes chock-a-block with content and march on in my quest for the perfect node. But actually, when I said give back to the community, I meant to have a lot of fun writing nodes that attempt to be somewhat of a fun to read.

Needless to say, this disagreement in definitions ensured that my time as a noder on e2 was short and bitter. Yes ofcourse, there is nothing wrong with a a node having useful information. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with a node that has none. Guys, THIS IS NOT WIKIPEDIA.

A node can be a mindnumbingly idiotic purposeless diatribe. And I am not on e2 because I want to improve my writing skills. I just want to read mindnumbingly idiotic purposeless diatribe. Sometimes, when I need to find out about quarks or geology I go to wikipedia. But I always come back to e2 for it's refreshingly purposeless idiotic diatribes.

There used to be a node titled The Only Leonard Cohen quote you will ever need. I do not remember the noder's name. It contained a single writeup containing only four lines.

The Only Leonard Cohen quote you will ever need

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

That, to me, was the perfect node. And some motherfucker deleted it. Ofcourse, technically the writeup was a goner - nodes are not supposed to just list lyrics - it containted zero information content. But it was my perfect node. May god forgive such sinners who 'technically' evaluate nodes and delete what someone else might cherish. Don't you remember - Perception differs from person to person, place to place, time to time.

My last writeup (about a H.G. wells book) was my worst and least original. It had, on last count, +ve rating. It contains basically a collection of links, and text copied from the reviews. My own insights are minimum. I hate myself for having written such a informatively unoriginal writeup. Yet, It is my highest rated writeup.

Going through my writeups will give you a very distorted picture of my writings, because more than half the nodes which I have produced have been deleted. And these are the half that I liked. They may not have been the perfect read, but if only the nightingale sang the forest would be a very quiet place indeed. That is my main argument. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE A WRITEUP, FEEL FREE TO DOWNVOTE IT. BUT THERE IS NO REASON WHATSOEVER TO DELETE WRITEUPS. No, saying that it belongs better to the daylog is not a reason. The hell, i've had had writeups deleted for 'we already know that', 'the title is better than the content', 'we already know that', 'this writeup does not contain links', 'don't try to be a smartass because we already know that"....

Everybody knows it is a bad thing to rape kittens, but hearing about it from someone who did not know that, and raped a kitten, and then realised his mistake, and noticed that there is not a node about raping kittens, and so is now writing about it - that (was) an e2 speciality.

e2 is full of some excellent, mostly moderate and some downright silly nodes. let it be. I got hooked on to e2 that way, and never would have stopped unless some stupid managerial monkey would have cried about raising the bar.

I enjoyed e2 because of its overall lighthearted and carefree writing style. Believe me, until I had opened an account I never paid any attention to all the FAQ's and 'official' stuff on the left - I always thought that the only rule was that there were no rules.

My internet access ends in about a week from now. Then I will list both my email and e2 account on http://www.bugmenot.com/ (at which point the e2 cops can book me for some or the other rule violation and ban my account, but not until then :] ). I have surfed and surfed and surfed, and finally am bored of the internet. Yes, it is very useful at times, but only at times.The Real world is better *cheesy grin*.

E2 is unfriendly to New Order. I was thinking about leaving quitely, but that made me realise that I am not alone in thinking what I do.

I leave e2 as a noder now. I shall still lurk here, but noding is probably not my thing now. Maybe it still is, but my laziness and imperfection has spoiled the fun for me. Maybe I'm just a nut. Still, to take advantage of my last node, I must thank all those excellent noders for all their not-so-perfect writeups that gave me those private childish chuckles on countless slow afternoons. And some that made me think. And some that made me.

Live a Life you Love

Use a God you trust

Don't take it all to seriously

"Let a little laughter into your heart - it's the best medicine. Unless you have staph. Then the best medicine is antibiotics. But the point remains."
-- dragoon, Creating nodes for the sole purpose of Random Nodes amusement (which itself has been deleted)
"I'm afraid they were not quite as surreptitious as you seem to believe. Promptly after I created my first node I received an email that stated: Welcome to Everything! While you're still finding your way around, the management feels it best to alert you that Pseudo_Intellectual is a raging cock sucker."
-- knifegirl
"What is this bitch-slap you speak of? I see no dogs!"