Still no reply from our friendly neighborhood monopoly's tech head. I'm now thinking he flamed me and then filtered my address. That's good enough for me. I talked to a couple of people about the situation and found out that mine wasn't the only incident like this. Apparently this guy has a tendency to do things in a very half assed way, have them screw up, and then blame other people for it. After hearing that, I kind of wished I hadn't backed off. Oh well, I guess it's for the better.

I'm just taking a break from the project now. It's really crazy. I haven't been coding for very long at all, but I'm the only one in our office that has the experience to work on this. I don't know if that's gratifying of frightening. I'd really like some help as I've never worked on something this complex, but no one else could answer my questions at work. I had to go to a friend of mine at another company to check if one of the things I was trying to do was possible, and, being possible, if it was the best way to do things. He's had a lot of experience with things like this, and he told me that it was a pretty good idea. That made me happy, I figured he was going to ask me if I was on drugs. As fun as PHP is to work in, it's very screwed up sometimes.

I'm glad that the weekend is ahead. It means I'll get to work uninterrupted. That means I get to relax. I kept getting stopped today by my manager asking about the DNS stuff and about this site she wanted moved to our new servers. I told her to talk to the server guy, so she mails him. 20 minutes later I get a mail from the server guy:

"Can you translate this into English for me please :-D"
Her email consisted of:

I need this set up the web site now is *temporary web address* and I will get *co-worker's name* to forward to you
It was followed by some very inaccurate information that had very little to do with anything. I had to ask her what she wanted us do about three times before what she said had any bearing on real life. Sometimes I really wonder...