Well, I've had a pretty good day on the jobhunt front. Sent out five job applications today, mostly for publications-related positions. Got a call this morning from a headhunter, and I got a callback late this afternoon which has resulted in a job interview next Tuesday. Yay! It's for a software reviewer position ... a local .com portal is looking for someone to do a ton of short reviews of CGI scripts and other webbie tools. The pay's not great, but it's a sight better than unemployment. The risk of a .com like this suddenly folding is pretty high, but the work seems interesting enough and they seem like a pretty laid-back place.

I'm hoping that if I'm offered the job, I can work out a telecommuting arrangement. The company's offices are way out in Gahanna, Ohio (right near zot-fot-piq's parents' place, for anyone who went to Hot Damn 2 this past summer) which while not a terrible commute would be nicer not to have to do when the roads are icy.