So, all our cats but one are indoor-only cats; we don't have a cat flap to the outside, but we have one to the garage where some of the litterboxes are.

This morning, shortly after he shuffled into the kitchen to make coffee, Gary called me downstairs. I came down; he held a mole by the tail. The mole was quite dead and stiff but not obviously wounded

"I found this in the middle of the floor -- is this a new cat toy you bought?"

"Uh, no, honey -- that's a dead mole."


"Yeah. If you see feet on it, it's not a cat toy."

This explains why Monte was so excited this morning, and so adamant that we get up. Thank God he left it on the kitchen floor. With the toy mice (which they lose under the furniture within minutes, but occasionally find one again, which is a source of much kitty excitement), he likes to have us toss them into the next room so he can play fetch, so he'll bring them up on the bed.

Several people have observed to me that cats often eat the heads off small animals they catch, apparently because brains are juicy and delicious. However, moles tend to go entirely uneaten by both cats and dogs unless the carnivore is really, really hungry.

Therefore, I conclude that mole brains must not be very tasty.

Therefore, I further conclude that when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, moles will be the only mammalian survivors because zombies will not be attracted to them and thus mole populations will be free of contagious zombification.

Therefore, Earth of the Future will be populated by mutant Mole People.

You heard it here first, folks.

I for one welcome our future Mole Overlords.