"You've got a problem. You're Cucumber. But you're also a Knight of the Realm, which helps make up for the fact that you go through life long, green, and with seeds. And now to make matters worse, your beloved Princess Tomato has been kidnapped by the wicked Minister Pumpkin, who then boots King Broccoli off the throne and proceeds to abolish all truth, justice, sweetness and light from the Salad Kingdom. So why are you just laying around waiting to ripen? As Sir Cucumber, you've got to rescue your Princess and save her domain from the power-mad Pumpkin. Otherwise, the entire Salad Kingdom will be tossed into a frenzy--or even into a bowl with a dash of oil and vinegar. Sir Cucumber, your Princess awaits!"

-Back of the Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom box

"Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom", made by Hudsonsoft, is a very simple RPG for the NES using a first-person perspective similar to Shadowgate. The gameplay consists of moving Sir Cucumber through many food themed levels as the plot advances along and using menu actions such as Move, Look, Use, Talk and Hit to interect with the game environment.

For a screenshot, check out http://www.vgmuseum.com/princesstomato.html

Some of the main characters include:
  • Sir Cucumber- He is the hero of the game. He is trying to save Princess Tomato and the Turnip Emblem from Minister Pumpkin. If he saves them, he will marry the Princess and rule the Kingdom.
  • Princess Tomato- She is the Princess of the Salad Kingdom. She is the daughter of King Broccoli and Queen Endive III. She is also Prince Lettuce's sister. She was kidnapped by Minster Pumpkin. She has a star on her forehead. She sometimes disguises herself as an old lady.
  • Percy- He is a baby persimmon that you meet on a road. He escaped from the Farmies. Once you help him, he will join you on your quest. He is not a good swimmer.
  • Minister Pumpkin- He is the villain of the game. He betrayed King Broccoli by kidnapping Princess Tomato and stealing the Turnip Emblem. He plans to have his son marry the Princess. He controls the Farmies. He is also the Finger Wars champion.
  • King Broccoli- He is the late King of the Salad Kingdom. A few days after Princess Tomato was kidnapped, he died. He promised Sir Cucumber that if he rescued Princess Tomato and retrieved the Turnip Emblem, he could have her hand in marriage and be the next king.
  • Prince Lettuce- He is the Prince of the Salad Kingdom. He is the son of King Broccoli and Queen Endive. He is also Princess Tomato's brother. He is being held captive by the Farmies.