One of the larger, well known parks in Monroe County. Most famous for the rather large artificial hill jutting up from the flat countryside surrounding it. The hill is used for necking in the summer and sledding in the winter, and sometimes both at once, although it's probably not advisable.

The park also contains a few soccer fields of various lengths, a baseball/softball diamond, a volleyball court, a bike path, and the Playscape, a half-million dollar jungle gym built by community volunteers over a 6-month period. Hyped up with much fanfare, it sits essentially abandoned 9/10ths of the year. Fun to play tag on though.

Directly in front of the park is North Custer Rd., named for General George Custer, Monroe County's most infamous resident. Directly behind it is Custer Airport, a small one-runway job that single-engine cessnas drop down onto. It is also named after our most famous inhabitant, curiously enough.

The park is also well known in the younger crowd for a place to smoke weed and have sex after dark. Don't tell them I told you, though.