This is the second recipe from yours truly. Once again a happy experiment when I had some Mascarpone cheese that was drawing close to its expiration date.

Ingredients: A small bunch of fresh basil
A small bunch of Oregano
A small bunch of Italian Parsley
Some Heavy Cream (or whipping cream)
About 1/4 Cup Mascarpone cheese
Finely Grated Romano Cheese
About 3-4 Cloves of minced garlic
About 4 large brown mushrooms, minced
Olive oil
1/2 to 1 pound penne pasta

Cook pasta till it is just slighly under-done (see Pasta LordOmar for an accurate description of this condition, but you want to leave it just approaching al dente as when you toss it with the sauce in the final step the pasta will absorb the sauce in the final cooking process, creating a much more flavorful dish) Set it aside and toss with a small amount of olive opil to keep it from sticking together in the strainer. In a frying pan heat your olive oil and toss in your mushrooms, once they begin to lose firmness add your fresh herbs and garlic. Once the garlic is lightly toasted (do *not* burn the garlic, burnt garlic is bitter and just plain awful) throw in a bit of cream and lower the heat (from high to about medium, or maybe the high end of medium), add to the heated mixture your Mascarpone cheese, stir until melted, now toss in your pasta and a generous amount of romano cheese, once the pasta is thuroughly coated. Throw this on a plate and garnish as you see fit. Eat until you have to undo your belt.