Once again we see the common misconception. The "Free" that makes linux so great is not the money you save by downloading it off an FTP site, but the availibilty of the uncompiled source code which is included on those site as well. I, personally pay for my distributions for two reasons.

1. I like having a nifty manual explining these distro's installers

2. I like to support linux advancement by giving comapnies a financial reason to improve the OS

I purchase Loki Software's linux ports of games for the same reasons.

You want free games, then go out and commit some time to a number of free linux game projects. Or better yet, open up those wallets, shake the dust of a few bills and give people a little compensation for the hours spent behind a desk coding. It's about the "free" (as in speech) not the "free" (as in beer).

Besides the GPL only requires free distribution for those programs which use the code from other GPLed software. If you write a program that runs on Linux or xBSD etc.. without using any code from those programs, hey you can do with it whatever you like. (although you may not make the extreme Linux-Radicals happy about it).