As a companion to gay cartoon character I give to you, Gay Robots. Here are some robots that weren't going to let the gender man made them to appear to affect thier sexual identity:

C3-PO: The obvious one, some say he was the first gay robot on the big screen, although that may not be the case. feminine, bitchy, this golden-rod droid had it all.

Twiki: Of Buck Rogers fame (duh!) He was using Tina as a beard.

Alpha 5: From The Power Rangers, Zardon's personal bitch. Although I think this little mechanical vixen had a thing for the green ranger

GORT: From The Day The Earth Stood Still, Now here's the real first gay robot on the big screen. We all know that Klaatu barada nikto! was actually a code for his fellow homosexuals which meant: " Wine spritzers at my place"

As a special note, the most heterosexual robot in history was Robot from Lost in Space that deep baritone voice saying "Danger Will Robinson" is enough to make any woman weak in the knees.