That's it! I'm so goddamn sick of people who see that there's a problem in their life which needs fixing and who subsequently do absolutely jack shit to sort it out, instead resorting to dumping the same problem on people week after week. They don't even get rid of the symptom, never mind the problem.

It seems that everywhere I look there are people crying "Nobody loves me" or "Why is my life so bad?". I mean, Jesus Christ, I have all the same problems as you do. I'm not in a relationship, I hardly see (or even speak to) most of my family any more and I don't appear to be going anywhere in life. And you know what? I deal with it. I look at the problem, look at the possible solutions, pick one and go for it.

I don't go around asking people to reaffirm every little decision I make. I don't cry about every tiny problem I have. When life gives me lemons, I either make lemonade or eat my sour goddamn lemons all up. I don't sit around and mope in an attention seeking depressed state. (And yes, I AM aware of people who are actually, medically depressed. Fair enough. Those guys need help.)

People like these are the same people who are keeping psychiatrists in unneeded business, people. It's all a scam. Your problems are your problems. If you ask for help, for God's sake at least try and do something with the help you're given, otherwise you're wasting not only your time, but the time of the people who care enough to be doling out the advice in the first place.

This rant brought to you by the letters 'R' and 'D', supported in secret by the letter 'H'.