The reason the woodpecker (Piciformes picadae) is banging on the metal parts of your house is for two reasons. One, it may be trying to attract a mate and two it's telling all the other male woodpecker's that this is his territory and keep out. So there is a method to his madness!! I assume it's male because of the description of the flaming red head. Females tend to be more drab in color for camouflage when setting long spells on their nest of generally 4- 8 white eggs.

They use their strong sharply pointed bill for chipping and digging into tree trunks or branches for wood boring insects such as termites. So you may want to look around for those critters since this woodpecker is setting up his home around your house. The stiff tail is used as a prop and most species "drum" as you noted on resonant limbs, poles or drainpipes. Their flight is usually undulating with wings folded against the body after each series of flaps and for this reason some are called flickers because it looks as if they're flicking through the air as they fly.

Nests are made in cavities chiseled deep into a large branch or trunk. Sometimes the walls of a house, so check around for possible nests. They like a southeast facing nest at about from about nine to twelve feet off the ground. If you would like to discourage this little fella from nesting in your home you can try a large owl figure near the nesting area since owls are their natural predators. You can also hang strips of aluminum that twist and turn in the breeze at his favorite drumming spots. They are fairly intelligent as far as birds go, can be stubborn and rather difficult to remove.

I'm an early riser too so I don't mind all their activities plus they keep the population of the creepy crawlie things like ants and spiders around the house in check.