Shaving the long hair off of my head in the shower I notice in the mirror that the razor is too dull leaving patches of bald spots. Dripping footprints step by step across the floor, I ask the Chihuahua what kind of razor I need.

You need the Bic disposable kind, they do the best job. he explains.

Incidental conversation passes between us as we drive to the store. The car suddenly dies, we coast along shifting into neutral it restarts. Pulling into the parking lot K-Mart is gone. In it's place is a hardware store. I drive through the chain link gate, a salesperson greets me. I tell him I need a speedometer cable, pulling a large cable out of a bin it's an inch an a half round, too big..... I buy it anyway too embarrassed by my hair and being in the wrong place.

Back home again the Chihuahua falls asleep on the in every sense of the word maroon bath mat and stops breathing. I blow a small puff in his mouth, he gives two sighs and stops again. I tell my husband, he doesn't hear me. Pressing his chest three times and filling the dogs lungs with air he suddenly stands up on all four gasping and quacking he tries to breath. Squeaking out some of the air I'd blown in and he seems fine. I'll have to keep an eye on him all night.