Part of the problem of rainforest depletion lies in our treatment of the native peoples.

Rainforest depletion is caused by people using rainforest resources without thought as to the consequences. Part of the problem is with the farmers and people who strip the rainforest of valuable woods and animal products, often selling them at low prices to people who market them with a big markup.

One of the solutions to this problem is educating people as to the true value of what they're selling.

The other is teaching them to lie.

Let's face it, most rainforest products are valued because of their rarity and semi-forbidden nature. Why not tell the people that harvest these woods and animals that their goods sell for very high prices?
The fact is, it's cheaper to make a tree farm out of commonly found trees, then harvest, manufacture, and eventually sell authentic 'rainforest' products.
Last night, I was watching a TV special on anacondas. The show featured the many ways anacondas could be used, from their skin to their fat, which is prized for medicinal reasons.

Why not teach the native peoples to render down a few pigs and sell their fat as that of an anaconda?

Is there something wrong with saving the rainforest this way?