An small application for various GUI computers featuring a cat (the eponymous Neko) running around inside a Window (or on the desktop), which chases the mouse cursor, falling asleep when there is no mouse activity. If the mouse cursor is moved to a region that Neko cannot reach, Neko will scratch at the boundaries of the region, until it gets bored of this and falls asleep.

The original Neko was written for the NEC PC-9801, a 68k Mac version was then written as a desk accessory by Kenji Gotoh. I've heard that the Windows 3.1 version was based on this. There's two versions for Win16, Neko and WNeko. WNeko will run around on the desktop when the window is minimized. The is a Win32 version called Neko95 by ported by David Harvey which runs in the system tray, and lets Neko run around on the desktop.

You can get it from here:

This is acording to the documentation, based on an X Window System version by Masayuki Koba.

Neko is also the name of the cat that was continuously tortured by the Super Play team in order to convince people to subscribe.