A reply to statsbats....

I'm gonna have a go at explaining this type of behaviour that statbats is talking about. I think that some men may do this if they are lifting particularly heavy weights. They'll do between 5 and 8 reps as is recommended for strength training. In this short space of time their heart rate will shoot up as they strain away. Then when they get to number 8 they may be quite knackered and will therefore want to calm down a bit before they do their next set of reps.

I find myself engaging in this sort of behaviour, although I don't really walk about aimlessly. I either go to the drinking fountain or just stand there waiting for my heart rate to come down again. If the weights are particularly heavy some sort of concentration or focusing or as statbats calls it "psyching out the equipment" does help.

I just thought I'd have a go at explaining this, and anyway, why do women engage in the ritual of spending 90% of their time in the gym on the adductor/abductor machines (the ones where they open and close their legs) you can't spot train people! You wont lose all the cellulite around those areas.