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mission drive within everything
If it is humanly possible, I can do it.
Exceptionaly witty & good looking.
Glendale University College of Law
I would rather that any regret I have be for the the things I have done, rather than those I did not do.
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WELCOME TO MY HOMENODE...make yourself at home...node.


  • My two beautiful sisters are not only my best friends-they are my two favorite people on the planet
  • I have my B.A. in Philosophy and Pre-law w/ a minor in business
  • I backpacked through Europe to the following countries: England France Italy Switzerland Luxembourg Germany Amsterdam
  • I have long dark brown straight hair
  • I love to shoot pool
  • I used to have a dog named beefcake but he passed away
  • I love Samurai movies
  • Every time we name an animal Morrissey it dies
  • I don't smoke or use drugs
  • I am very comfortable with who I am and what I stand for
  • I'm not scared
  • I have a great sense of humor
  • I'm easy-going
  • I LOVE to read
  • I'm an avid explorer
  • I love to be alone
  • I work-out and take really good care of my body
  • I'm trying not to wear so much black although it's my favorite color (and it compliments me well)

  • My one crooked tooth remains to be the bane of my existence
    I'm a pacifist
    I used to have a rock collection (actual rocks) until I hit puberty and realized what I was doing
    The smell of chalk and wet dirt makes me randy
    I was in gymnastics and yoga
    I can do the splits
    People always think I am middle eastern
    I love garlic
    I hate talking on the phone
    Once I almost drown at the beach
    Corina says I have more machismo than any man she's ever met
    I used to be a certified lifeguard
    My Spanish skills are vastly improving
    I love France and the French culture
    I have a 67' Camaro
    I've walked the mile and I'll do it again
    I have great eyebrows
    I can count the people I trust on one hand
    My life policy is to be HONEST under any and all circumstances-it just makes life easier
    I prefer logic to emotion
    I like meeting strangers
    I over analyze things to oblivion
    Cowboys are sexy
    I love nerdy guys
    I love to sleep under the covers no matter how hot it is
    When I was in the first grade I peed my pants while dressed as a penguin
    I know exactly who I am and what I stand for
    I have a NO TOLERANCE policy in relationships
    I sweat a lot consequently I have very healthy skin
    I love to text-I am the fastest text-er in the west
    I have a tendency to show people my muscles (oh dear god...all the time)
    I sometimes say funny things then I laugh obscenely at how funny I think I am

      I used to play the saxophone
      I have a great singing voice but to hear it is a true rarity
      I don't bite my nails
      I'm extremely affectionate with those I really like
      I LOVE to kiss noses
      I am always asked (when I'm with my sisters) if I'm the mom
      Rolly pollies disgust me
      I do kiss on the first date--though that doesn't mean I will
      Holding someone's hand (in my opinion) is the one of the most intimate of acts
      I am a middle child
      My dad has almost accidentally killed me more times than I can count
      I've never had a: speeding ticket/bloody nose/cavity
      I am a lady therefore I like to be treated like one
      I'm addicted to World of Warcraft
      I love spinach
      I get really brown in the sun and super pale in winter
      I can hold my own
      Life is too short to be angry/upset
      I believe that it's better to be alone than in bad company
      I play a mean game of chess
      I am a vegetarian
      I love to read and collect philosophy books and books on the judicial system
      Dirty jokes are funnier when old ladies tell them
      I like to dance with my mom in the living room to her old 45's
      I don't really like candy
      A HUGE turn on is a broken nose
      I'm a sucker for imperfections that breed character
      I have really soft skin because "it puts the lotion on the skin"
      I like scary movies

    I bore easily
    I'm an old soul
    I'm super mature
    I hate cookies
    I love the dark
    I'm a good friend
    I listen and don't just wait for my turn to speak
    I'm eclectic
    I used to be an exceptionally terrible speller
    I ran Varsity cross-country and played Varsity soccer for many years
    I'll try just about anything once...
    Anything that has not been offered must be solicited.

    AIM: sugrprincssnatty
    Yahoo: ms_ellie21



    Two of my favorite REAL LIFE stories:

    • Advice from a friend
      Recently I spoke to a long time friend whom is also attending law school. I hadn't spoken to this friend is what seemed like "ages." The conversation was too funny not to share:
      Him: Hey Nat, how's law school?
      Me: Eh. It's good, but pretty exhausting...
      Him: Yeah, I just took an exam.
      Me: How do you think ya did?
      Him: Eh.
      Me: Hmm.
      Him: You know what I learned about the people that go to law shcool?
      Me: No, what?
      Him: They're degenerates.
      Me: How do ya mean?
      Him: Everyone at my school is there to get drunk and laid and they're really shallow.
      Me: Hmm. Well not at my school, at my school everyone's pretty...
      *he interrupts*
      Him:Are you working out?
      Me: Huh? What? No, why?
      Him: You better work out, so you don't get fat. No one wants a fat chick as a lawyer.
      Me: speechless
      Him: Hello?
      Me: *click*

    • Kids will be dicks...I mean kids..*cough*
      I arrived at the coffee shop, which I a currently at, at approx. 9am this morning. After I unloaded all my crap out of my car I proceeded to walk to the coffee shop. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a dollar bill lying on the floor, but had too many things in my hand to pick it up. So I continued to the coffee shop to set up for studying. After about three hours of studying I decided to take a break and go back outside and see if the dollar was still out there. To my surprise, it was. So I begin to walk to the dollar to relocate it to it's new home, my pocket; when (which seem like) out of nowhere this little kid runs up to me and says, "Hey you can't take that..."

      Me: Why not?
      Him: It's mine
      Me: Really? How do you figure
      Him: I dropped it.
      Me: Oh yeah, when did you drop it.
      Him: like five minutes ago.
      Me: No you didn't
      Him: yes I did
      Me: NO, you did not. And do you know how I know that...
      Him: No?
      Me: I know that because I got here at 9am this morning and It was there.
      Him: Oh yeah, that's right, I meant to say that i dropped it yesterday.
      Me: Now you're lying
      Him: No I'm not
      Me: Yeah you are
      Him: Okay, but I want it more
      Me: How do you figure
      Him: you let it sit there since 9am and you didn't take it
      Me: I guess you're right, go ahead take it
      Him:Naw, I don't even want it anymore, anyway it's just a dollar...
      *he hopped on his bike and rode away*
      Little bastard...
    You died for me

    The day you died is the day that I was born.

    I will never stop thinking about that phone call, but then again I guess no one really ever does. I remember them telling me that there had been a “terrible accident”… a terrible accident indeed!
    I don’t think that anyone really chooses to take his or her own life—I mean—in that moment I am certain that it doesn’t feel like there is much of a choice.
    In the philosophy world, at least as far as existentialism is concerned, there is only one philosophical question…and it’s whether to live or die.
    It is my belief that most of us are only “alive,” because we walk around with a beating heart, but that’s not life, that’s mere existence. I cannot perceive that this is an easy decision to make, so most of us just don’t make it.
    Most of us wander about with no comprehension of the choice to be alive, but its there. It is the depths of our being waiting to be answered.
    Am I going to exist, or am I going to be?
    I didn’t get to determine whether I was going to exist or be. You made that choice for me. When you took your life you forced me to make that decision. I chose life.
    I choose life. Every day, I choose it over and over again, because of you. Sometimes I believe that you died for me, so that I would wake the fuck up, and start living.
    I was born the day you died.
    I am alive, because of you. Really, fucking, alive.