Who am I?
Why am I here?
Forget the questions someone get me another beer

From Meat Loaf's Everything Louder Than Everything Else.

Here we are again.

What is E2?

I guess it's because I'm an existentialist, even an eccentric eclectic existentialist, that I just don't understand what the problem is here. Why the nearly semi-annual pissing contest over what is, or is not, Everything? I just don't get it.

Everything is everything. It's a community, it's a directory, it's a place for prose and poetry, for history and current events, for sports and music reviews, for recording great literature from the past and leaving our own mark on the future.

It's everything, right?

People wanted the bar raised. It got raised and people were unhappy. Copyright issues were a problem and got dealt with properly, but not without a lot of bitching in the process. There was an issue about new people not being welcomed and we were encouraged, as individuals, to welcome the new people individually whenever possible. That seems to be working well, but it's not perfect. What in this life is?

What is the point in dividing what is already here? Why have two places when one is working just fine? And, it is fine, pissing and whinging contests aside. Everything is fine. It works. It's not perfect but that's because it is inhabited by people who are wonderously flawed and silly and serious and intelligent and insightful. Want a higher merit rating, write better. Want to play ninjas and cowboys? That's why we have the catbox. Love poetry? Write it; just know it will be downvoted. Love factuals? Write them. They will, most likely, also be downvoted. Just as in the real world, the more popular you are within Everything, the more votes you will receive. If you haven't noticed it by now, that is how human beings work. Piss people off, be an asshole, you'll be downvoted. Fair? Maybe not. That's life.

And, that's Everything.