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Laura Bush> I like a strong man. I like a man with power.
Laura Bush loves BACON flavored sandwiches.
a man like your dad?
I'm so hot right now. Do me!
Her dad?
LB - It's 1pm- do you know where the moon is?
laura bush, you're really scaring me.
I think you are confusing me with my daughter Jenna who does the adult movies.

how do I see the bunny?
And I don't take off my clothes for other people. I watch other people take off their clothes. I'm a voyeur, not an exhibitionist.
Click on the noder's name link.
CLick here To see a bunny without a pancake
yclept should probably go to bed as her lungs feel full of cobwebs and cat hair. *sigh*
that's a cute bunny.
And I was in such a *good* mood before this fracas too.

I LOVE monkeys. They remind me of Bushie!
I think I must be coming down with a cold, my brain has stopped working, always first sign.
inlet flicks through pictures of Johnny Depp WITH no shirt on. The world is complete.
Not sure about soy, that has something to do with chinamen, right?
Soy milk is the best milk.(256) (9.8 mon) Cool Man Eddie says Yo, your writeup I just wish I could stop shitting blood. was bookmarked. Dig it, baby.

(r) (10.5 mon) Cool Man Eddie says Hey, Laura Bush, mauler just cooled your Laura Bush writeup, baby!
(r) (4.8 hr) craze says uh huh.... LIES!
(r) (1 hr) mauler says Re: Laura Bush - I don't want to have to delete this writeup, cause it's fun and funny, but I had to remove the pipe link to the shitting blood node.
(r) (4.8 hr) craze says ha
(r) (4.2 hr) Oolong says re Laura Bush: hurrah.
(r) (1.1 hr) Transitional Man says while I am no fan of her husband, I think it bad precedent to fake political leaders.