I was born on November 4th, the exact year doesn't matter all that much, but I am younger than Bushie and that is all you really need to know. I grew up in Midland Texas where my parents (Harold and Jenna) ran a business building homes. In those days we were conservative Democrats, although we never really thought about it all that much.

During the 1960s it seemed that everyone was involved with psychedelic drugs and the free love movement, everyone but me that is. I was busy attending Southern Methodist University and I was highly involved in the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in education in 1968, and then I went on to teach at several Elementary Schools in Dallas Texas. I later went back to school and earned my master's degree in Library Science from the University of Texas at Austin. After that I worked at several different libraries up until the year 1977.

In 1977 I met "Bushie" (you might know him as George W. Bush). We were married after only three months and have been happy ever since. Our marriage has had its ups and downs, but "Bushie" and I are in it for the long haul (not to mention the fact that he is a very attentive husband when he is actually around). Our daughters Jenna and Barbara were born in 1981 and I love them just as much as I do "Bushie".

We were always wealthy, but I never really had much of a place in politics until 1995 when "Bushie" was elected governor of Texas. He was then made President of the United States in 2000. This sounds great, but it also meant that I had to stop smoking in public and revert to smoking secretly, since smoking publicly would tarnish our conservative Christian image. "Bushie" never seems to worry about the fact that we almost never attend any church services, but being seen smoking is apparently some sort of mortal sin.

Being First Lady has given me a lot of opportunities to speak out on various women's causes and education issues. Although I often wish my speechwriters and advisers would prepare me a little better. I still cringe every time someone brings up the time I embarrassed myself talking about "Hurricane Kurina" without being properly coached beforehand, and we won't even talk about some of the jokes they have written for me about my husband (although I do admit the one about him "milking" a male horse was pretty funny).

All in all I am pretty happy with my life and I wouldn't want to trade places with anyone else in the entire world.