A program that is kind of like ICQ with pictures and video.

ICUII is still rather buggy, but is a good program on the whole. Each message you send with ICUII has a current pic of you sent with it. (Provided of course, that you have a digital camera.) En lieu of a picture - or in addition to if you wish - you can send a sound file with your message. (Again, dependant upon having a microphone.)

My biggest pet peeve with the program is that you get flashed by guys with hard cocks of varying sizes. On rare occasions a female will flash something, but that is very rare.

The other great thing about ICUII is the video-to-video chat feature. This works best if you have both the connection speed and the bandwidth to view live streaming video. You choose to connect with someone, and then can see everything that person does in front of the camera. You can then also use your mic and have a voice conversation in addition to the video.

Most of the time, the bugs are worth the nifty stuff you can do with this program.