Lying in bed, somewhere between being asleep and awake, my mind drifted to this place called E2. What's it like, why is it there? How much information is stored on its servers - I hope someone will be kind enough to tell me. It's fascinating, mind blowing really, who could've imagined it, even just a few decades ago. And, what goes on behind the scenes - do little people scurry about reading, writing, digesting and voting, being kind, being rude, making friends and enemies?

And to bigger things, to the net itself. How many lives are poured out into its virtual pages? All those blogs, journals, diaries. So much information, factual and fictional, stored in a code that is beyond the comprehension of my poor brain. The pictures, the photos, the films, the stories, so much of life, both the beautiful and ugly.

So do I start today? Do I contrubute my few thoughts to the morass that is out there? What the hell, it will be smaller than the tiniest drop in the hugest ocean. It will make an insignificant change to the zillions of bits stored 'out there'. Someone has to do it, and the millions who already do do not fear cluttering up the -- what's the word, there should be one, something huge like stratosphere or hyperspace -- hmm, I ramble...

So here goes nothing, the first miniscule drop of these thoughts put to an electronic page, in a near infinite universe of ... what?