DIN mittelschrift is a Sans-serif, or grotesque typeface-family of much debated origin. It is widely claimed to have originated during the early german nazi-administration. Rumour has that it was used on the railroad signs leading to concentration camps. Its name is derived from german standardization institute, DIN, and it is in widespread use in Germany and Holland on roadsigns (eg on the Autobahn), public buildings etc. It is closely related to DIN engschrift.

It is a highly applicable typeface, that lends itself well to all uses where a well-designed and unambigous type is required. It is also quite stylish with some very nice details and a strong geometrical influence. It has a lot more personality than other common typefaces such as Helvetica or Arial. For examples of DIN mittelschrift, see the works of Dutch designer Paul Ouwerkerk on www.prototype-editions.com.