Today I slept until 1pm. When I woke up it was cold and sunny outside, the air was fresh and smelled like spring.

I wandered around the empty house for a while, wearing nothing but my boxers, deciding to heat a frozen pizza for breakfast while taking a quick shower. It's nice to sit alone in the morning, enjoying a good breakfast and a magazine about backpacking in Asia while dreaming about it. This is what I'm saving up for. A one-year trip around the world with nothing but the backpack and a couple of worn-out boots.

Being on the road must be heaven. Going wherever you want, with nothing to hold you back. Being free to lay on the beach in Thailand all day, and partying in Bangkok all night. Just go. Noone will stop you.

But so far I'm stuck here in cold Norway, where we have all the luxury and comforts I could possibly want, yet I want to get away from it more than anything. To experience other countries and cultures. Make friends in all corners of the world. Try foreign food. Try scubadiving in Bali and hiking in Nepal. Sleeping under a palm-tree in Malaysia and walking for hours on a lonely dusty road.

It's not until I have been in other countries and seen all sorts of people living under all sorts of conditions I can really understand how good our lives really are. Being able to do exactly these sorts of things is actually one of the things I should be most greatful for.

One time when I was in Barcelona I saw 3 street musicians playing guitar and singing. Then it hit me. Those 3 friends seemed to have more than me, although they had worn-out clothes and virtually no money. They were so happy and cheerful. So full of life and experience.

I just can't wait until I've made enough money to make my dream come true. Maybe will it be a big disappointment. Maybe will it be the time of my life. Anyways it's one of my biggest dreams, and without chasing our dreams, what's the point of living?

Let's just hope the world leaders can come to a peaceful solution to the problems, so it will be safe to travel anywhere in the future. Travelling and experiencing other peoples cultures is definitly the best way to prevent racism and fear and doubt about other peoples beliefs and lifestyles.