The name for the inhabitants of the Southern Morocco. This area has been internationally recognized as the state of Western Sahara. They originally lived a nomadic existence in the Sahara but the droughts and failing of Oases forced them to settle in towns such as Laayoune or flock to Morocco. It was here that their numbers grew to their current status. As it is, the Sahrawi account for from 500,000 to 1 million inhabitants, well over half of the population of the Sahara Desert. These groups do not actually live in Morocco proper, but rather in refugee camps in the middle of the city where most live in normal houses. The Moroccan government has invited them to join Moroccan society thereby gaining the same rights as other Moroccans. This offer, however, is only accepted by a minority of Sahrawi. Perhaps nomadic life still lives within them. The culture of the Sahrawi is that of tribes and strong families. And, contrary to most cultures of similar location, the Sahrawi women have a most important position within the society. While men wear rudimentary, utilitarian garments, the women wear colorful robes and primarily govern the society.