To complement thecarp's wu, fuel injection is and has been available on motorcycles for some time. Mostly on sportbikes though, even the six cylinder Valkrye is carb-based. I've heard of bikes that, after you tear the seat off, you can see a fuel mix ratio on an LCD display to tell you if it's running rich or lean. Wow.

When I first heard rumor of bike-borne fuel injection I called up my former bike mechanic brother. He verified it is real, but "scary". I concur; this seems like more electronics and mystery then I care to deal with during a weekend bike tuneup. Providing accurate fuel mix to six or eight cylinders in a car or truck is one deal, EFI (electronic fuel injection) can have that. Providing it to one or two high performance can-not-fail cylinders is another.

Update: And according to sbeitzel, BMW K series has been doing fuel injection on bikes since the early eighties.