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About me... hmm...

I'm a KenCrandall,a Red Hat Linux Geek.

Fortunately, I don't have to worry about dating, as I am married.

I'm a 25-year-old Linux Geek on my way to go work on RedHat Linux.. I've been using Linux for about 5 years now, and although I don't hack the kernel, I do have a fair bit of knowledge about it (enough to go work for Red Hat, at least!) Unfortunately, my new job entails moving away from Denver and to Carolina.

My interests include reading, porting wxWindows to the BeOS, one of the coolest OS's of all time, and playing Zelda on my Nintendo64.

I am a big Denver Broncos fan. They've won the Super Bowl twice in a&.row, thanks to John Elway.

NHL Hockey, however, is the best sport of all! Red Wings Suck! I'm a fan of the Colorado Avalanche, if you can't tell. And before you go spouting how much those [dorks in red|Detroit Red W