Position Normal is Chris Bailiff and John Cushway, a couple of eccentric Englishmen who create quirky, charming, trippy sound collage music that doesn't fit into any genre. Little is known about the duo apart from that they are former art students and that Bailiff was once in a punk band called Bugger Sod.

Their debut album Stop Your Nonsense was released in 1999 on Mind Horizon. It was critically acclaimed but failed to have much impact on the public. In 2001 Baliff and Cushway had to release the followup Sofarsofine themselves, but fortunately in the next year Rum Records rereleased it as Goodly Time. They have also made a bizarre short film featuring a rabbit, a psychiatrist and a man with a big yellow ball for a head, which can be seen at http://www.mindhorizon.com/positionnormal/.