Synewave records began in March 1994, by Damon Wild after leaving his A&R position at Experimental Records. The first release, Morph, began with the collaboration of x-ex artists Sennis Ferrer & Damon Wild. Further releases to follow were Ausgang (aka Steve Stoll), Voyager 8 (Stoll & Wild), ESP (Woody McBride), XP, and the acid classic by Wild & Taylor "Bang the Acid".

This was the backbone to this NY electronic music dance label. A little over a year after the birth of Synewave, Tim Taylor started a Synewave London. After a few releases such as 'Equinox', Freddy Fresh, pump panel, etc... Tim decided to start his own label,(Missile). Years later Synewave is the home of Damon Wild as well as artists & remixers from around the globe such as Mark Bell (LFO), The Advent/SoulDestroyaz, Joey Beltram, DJ Hell, Adam Beyer, Hideyuki Eto, and others to date.