Kipper is the NATO reporting name for the AS-2 air-to-surface cruise missile, designated K-10S by the USSR. Kipper is quite a bit larger than the AS-1 Kennel missile, but is longer-ranged, supersonic, and capable of carrying a 1000kg conventional or nuclear warhead. Its range is probably on the order of 180km, but possibly longer. Launch weight is 4200kg; top speed is 1400kph (~mach 1.15).

A single Kipper is carried on the Tu-16 Badger-C; Badger-Cs were also used as testbeds for other missiles. The missile was produced from 1961 to 1965, by which time production was shifting to the Badger-G armed with the AS-5 Kelt and AS-6 Kingfish missiles.

Information obtained from the Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network ( As always, publically available information on military hardware tends to be fragmentary and inconsistent; please do not use this information to plan a war.