A honey slide is a term that was used by Neil Young, to describe the weed honey that he consumed.

Neil Young writes about honey slides in his biography, 'Shakey', and also speaks about it at a NYC concert while introducing a song. He then goes on to explain to the audience, how to make it. This dialog is simple to search for on the internet, if you are interested about what he said exactly.

Not that I encourage consuming honey slides, but if you must know, I've seen it made like this:

Finely grind up weed. (Low grade weed is fine) In a small pot on the stove, heat the weed on pretty low temperature with a small amount of butter, untill it browns some. Stir constantly. Microwave honey in a container, which is microwave safe of course, for maybe 20 seconds. It should become a thinner consistency. Pour the weed butter mixture into the hot honey, and stir. Let it cool. Maybe put it in the freezer for a few minutes to cool it quicker.

You can consume it as is, or with whatever you want. Use it in tea, or on toast with peanutbutter!