Today is my 19th birthday, so I hope everyone will forgive me for jumping in and squatting on the first writeup.

Despite the fact that I'm writing this on the 14th, I think I can still give a fairly accurate account of what's going to happen to me today.

3:00 am
Decide I just can't hack any more Perl this night.
3:05 am
Go to bed.
4:00 am (approx.)
Roommate returns from clubbing. Do not wake up.
9:00 am
Wake up; groan; go back to sleep.
1:30 pm
Recieve birthday phone call from mother. Get up.
1:45 pm
Shower, get dressed for the day
2:00 pm
Kill most of the rest of the day playing TFC, MUDding, and web surfing.
4:00 pm
Roommate wakes up.
8:00 pm (approx.)
Greet roommate's friends as they come to pick him up. Normally, I'd decline the invitation to come with them, and settle into writing more Perl (I'm getting better! I only need to refer to the Camel Book every 10 minutes or so now.) However, since it's my birthday, I may just go out for a change. I feel very daring.
Well, I forgot that my roommate's girlfriend would be visiting this weekend, so that messes with my expected schedule a bit. Oh, the difficulty of prognostication! In other news, thanks to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday!