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I'm protesting E2 due to unjust nuke'ing. I want my fucking "coffee (person)" writeup back

JungleBoy pulled an Asamoth and left us on 11/30/00. He replaced all of his writeups -- twenty-eight of them -- with the following text:

This writeup has been removed in protest of unjust nuke'ing

I want my fucking "coffee (person)" writeup back

I removed all of them. This is the text of the writeup which was "unjustly" removed:

My God, and friend, Coffee is. I worship You daily, from when I wake to when I sleep. You give me strength, You are my life. Through You I live; without You I die. Amen

It's an excellent example of a content-free writeup which ought to have been removed.

-- wharfinger