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Faster than a speeding electron. More powerful than Microsoft. Able to leep small rocks in 5 or 6 bounds. Look! Over in that chair. It's a guy. It's still a guy. It's Super Jordy! Yes, it's Super Jordy - strange visitor from a distant IRC&.channel who came to Slashdot with powers and abilities beyond those of mortal programmers. Super Jordy - who can change the course of mighty water leaks, bend steel with a large vice grip with some help with someone who believes exercise isn'.t the 8th sin, and who disguised as Jordan Mendelson, mild-mannered Adminstrator for a small regional ISP, fights the neverending battle for Truth, Justice, and the Open Source way.

This is all just too odd. I think I'll go back&.to sleep as this is a WOT.