Today I've been somewhat less than my usual hale and hearty self.
Not realising that I was in fact sick I attended classes and had the joy of taking notes through a hacking cough, a fever, slight hallucinations (I misred "accomplishments" as "Canada"), headaches, and so on.
Though the reeling sensation spinning slightly on this chair produces is not wholly unpleasant.

Me: (speaking to friend) Yeah, so I'm never sick except for this one time of year, every year.

Friend: Why's that?

JC: (placing thankfully cool hand against forehead) Because it was on this day, all those years ago, that The Witch King stabbed me in the shoulder with a morgul blade.

F: (sarcastic but sympethetic) Ha ha, you're really funny. You know that?

JC: guhn

So anyway, my immune system has taken its yearly leave of absence and if it doesn't return and cure me within two days I'll be like this through a nine-hour bus ride (as enjoyable as this is normally, I imagine it'll be even moreso when I feel like my skull is going to rupture).