I arrived home sometime in the wee hours of the morning, to find that a postcard from strôphy had arrived. It reads as follows:


Evil reigns supreme! I would have sent you another photo, perhaps of me with SCOTT WEILAND or perhaps STEFAN OLSDAL but this shot of your BIOLOGICAL wife to be will have to do… HAHAHAHA. PS. I have a lot of ELVIS related evil to get out, I think it beats any of your MEASLY OFERINGS.

PSS Love from the UK!! HAHA

Ask your sister if she got phone calls where nobody said anything

Air mail!

I am so evil

The postcard (which this came on) featured a woman wearing some kind of muzzle, in a white room, standing behind what appears to be an autopsy-related tray. Upon the tray was a badly mangled brain, and clamps.
It appears to be German in origin.

I’m not sure what scares me more:
  • The postcard itself
  • The fact that this likely mass-produced
  • Or the fact that someone saw fit to send me such a postcard

Despite this alarming piece of mail, I had the possibly the best nights sleep since who knows when. Nodding off in a chair as I listened to Radiohead and P.J. Harvey.