After telling Swap I had my "fscking best day ever" a few days back:

<Swap> I still read "file system checking" day. You're gonna spill the beans, Joe?
<JoeBaldwin> *sigh* fine. OK, I had my hair cut on Sunday and so far have been constantly complemented about it, and Tess thinks I'm hella sexy now
<JoeBaldwin> Then we all have a massive bitching session to the lead tutor about the lecturer we all hate, and he might be sacked (HEAVEN FORBID)
<JoeBaldwin> Then after getting free coffee from McDonalds I get home, Tess sings my favourite song to me in duet with Thom Yorke (on CD but meh) and then teaches me to french kiss through example.
<JoeBaldwin> And then I ate gateau. Making that the greatest day of my fucking life.
<JoeBaldwin> I was literally wearing a beatific smile all fucking day, and humming "Fell In Love With A Girl", which incidentally is one hour too short</p>

Sums it up, really.