So, where to start in my life? Given that I'm slowly but surely turning into some form of quivering emotional wreck, at least more than usual anyway.

My girlfriend, after much deliberation, thinks she's pregnant. I'm torn between being optimistic ("Yay I'm going to be a daddy") and shit scared ("The money!!! THE GODDAMN MONEY!!!"). She's going for a test on Monday. I'll know for sure by then. Oh, if you forgot, I'm only 15. Something tells me that this kinda shit shouldn't actually be happening to 15 year olds. Of course, if the test is positive, I will stand by her. I wouldn't allow myself not to. I always assured myself I'd never be one of those teensie little statistics, or yet another component of a Daily Mail front page story about how the yoof are misbehaving. And now...there we go. Something wrong with the pill, we both think. It's obvious.

Sorry for the terse daylog, this is all I can bring myself to write.

It's good to be back on e2. I've missed you.