Rather unfortunate freshman at the University of Wisconsin.

While her SO was away, Libby did some stripteases to a webcam for him (prominently involving a nightie and an alarmingly large dildo), saved as video files on her computer, which were emailed to him. If the story had stopped there, all would be fine.

But Libby proceeded to cheat on said boyfriend, and when he found out, he got more than a little pissed off. He emailed copies of the videos to relatives of Libby, and put them on numerous file trading networks. (He got a 12-month prison sentence for this, which could prove quite handy for the judge in this lawsuit).

Thus, Libby-real name Elizabeth Heller-went into hiding, naturally, and became a minor celebrity-even discussed on Howard Stern's radio show.

If you really want to see these videos, they are available on Kazaa/Gnutella/iMesh, usually as The Complete Libby Hoeler.mpg.
Part of what George W Bush calls "nodeshell recuetification".