This is a recollection of as much as the alcohol permits me to remember, and should prove the phrase in vino veritas. Just remember that while the truth may be in wine, amnesia is too...

I had been out all day in a bustling Spanish town, Nerja. I, and everybody I was with, decided to go for a Chinese meal in a small restaurant off the main high street. I sat down opposite somebody who I had been, for some time, innately attracted to. Dark haired. Dull-blue eyed. Beautiful in every way, with a very strange, rather mad sense of humour. She was the one.

Fast forward a few hours. The meal is finished. I have downed a bottle of San Miguel, a small shot glass of rice wine (22% ALCOHOL???) and plenty of sangria. To put it one way, I'm mildly drunk. Scrub that...only slightly drunk (Compared to earlier in the week, where I downed a litre bottle of San Miguel in two minutes and passed out, anyway).

We all stumble back home, to the villa where we are staying. Eventually, after some rushed confessions to a relative about my feelings for the object of my desires, we were left alone so I could 'fess up. She was outside, leaning over a balcony edge, perfect her as always. MTV Europe was on, playing some hard trance.

"You mind if you turn this off?" I enquired.
"No." she replied. Fair enough, I thought. I turned the TV off.
"Nice night, huh?"

Small talk. Good work, Larry. Now steer onto the big stuff.

"Nice except for the noise of the damn crickets at least...still better than the shit on MTV..."
"Yeah. MTV is shit.". Irreverent, biting...usual her. I made a quick nod of agreement and she went downstairs for a minute or two.

Fuck. Fuck. She's gone away. Dammit. I went and sat down on the sofa inside, and fiddled with a travel swee tin slowly, scared absolutely shitless. If she reacted badly, I would have to spend the next few days living in the same house as her, and have to carry on normal life. That would be a worst case scenario. Definitely.

Uh oh, she's back. She walked straight past and went out onto the balcony again.

Idiot fool! I thought to myself, still playing with the little circular tin, Go out and fucking talk to her!

Finally plucking up the courage from somewhere, possibly the rice wine, I walked out onto the balcony.

"Excuse me?"
"Look, I know there's been all of this talk of me fancying you and such...".

At this point I put my arm round her, somewhat involuntarily.

"And I just wanted to tell you that I do, and that I hope you're OK about it. OK?"
"Yeah. Yeah." At this point she disappeared downstairs.

It may not be exactly what I would have wanted to say if I was sober, but still, it was a massive weight off my shoulders. And in one way, it exposes the weak part of me...I had the courage to tell her, but I needed alcohol to get it out, and looking back that's quite sad and a poor reflection on me. Still, it was a good night, and I got a few things off my chest that I wouldn't have been able to had I not been slightly squiffy.

So, it's true. In wine, you will find truth. Both about yourself and others.