Urgh, New Years Eve has been hell. I've just been trying to console a member of my family, who is pissed off that his mother (shock horror) had fun and kissed a few blokes. Whee.

In general, it's been fine for me. Considering the whole diet thing, I think I overdosed a bit on the potato wedges and Baileys (wedges=potato, so they'd sort of be OK, but Baileys is fat with whiskey, basically. Gurgh...) and I was a bit pissed off that i'd gained 800g since the last time I weighed myself. I'll work that off tomorrow....

(By the way, thank you very much for the kind /msgs of encouragement about the weight loss thing...)

But lets face it, there are two constants in life (after all the death/taxes/Microsoft stuff):

1: Everybody gets drunk on New Years' Eve
2: Everybody does stupid shit when drunk

My "stupid shit" was posting a two line node saying "Happy New Year...there isn't much else to be said" which is, patently, bollocks. You know what they say, in vino veritas. Normally, I'm an upstanding gentleman who reads the Independent and has a rough 1:1 bullshit:quality node ration. When pissed out of my box I just tell people I fancy them and node absolute shite with a shite to greatness ratio of 251:-35. I retroactively apologise for that act of bollocks (dannye, I'm talking to you :)

Everybody elses stupid shit involved drinking competitions and it generally went downhill from there. At midnight, I was sitting in my room, hearing Big Ben chime in the new year on the radio, with much cheering going on downstairs. By 1am, everybody downstairs was singing along to Time Warp and other such crap and drinking heavily (do you notice the theme here?). I restricted myself to the vile alcopops and the Baileys in coffee, and sat in my room silently noding. Some kids burst in, hijacked the PC and tried to get some porn but I fought them off eventually (kids and porn...it takes a fucking crowbar to get them apart...), and showed themselves to be completely inept at finding X-rated stuff after they went into my home folder and completely ignored the "pr0n" folder contained within. Jesus christ, kids today, they don't even know their [l33t sp34|